Week of full scale labbing

I took yesterday and today off, and I also have leave next week Monday and Tuesday.

Monday I take my second INE mock exam. I’m hoping to do much better than last time, but we’ll see what they throw at me this time.

I’m using the other days to do full 8 hour labs as I just don’t have the time for a full lab every day thanks to work. If any of you have dont INE’s Vol2 labs before you’ll know they grade them in different difficulties. 7-8 is pretty much on par with the real lab, while 9 is very difficult indeed.

Yesterday I did a level 6 lab just to start myself off again. I ended up with 50/79 – Which is a fail. You need at least 65 to pass. There are no part credits for any sections, so if a section is worth 5 points and you get a single tiny thing wrong you get 0 for the section.

So I wasn’t feeling too good :(

This morning I then did a level 9 lab. This time I got 49/79 – still a fail, but I’m actually quite happy with it as this stage. This lab is purposefully mad difficult and the fact that I passed most of the sections makes me happy.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a level 8 lab. Then I might chill a bit on Sunday. Monday is the mock lab and Tuesday I’ll be going over whatever I tanked on with the mock lab

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