The tool is not important


Recently Russia took their Olympic torch up into space on a space walk. Lot’s of fan-fair was made about it. While that is a great achievement it blows over a very important detail:

The torch is not important.

I know full well that you cannot take a flame up to space, but that’s not the point. The point is that the glorification of tools over what those tools are used for is very prevelent these days. The Olympic flame is what’s important, not the tool used to carry it.

I see plenty of debate when people say, “this tool is crap”, “that tool blows” etc. What’s the point of even having these debates?

Why does it matter if you use Windows or MacOS at work? Does it matter if your packets are forwarded by a Juniper or Brocade forwarding engine? What matters is that the packet gets from A to B. What matters is that the tool itself is up to the job.

I understand that certain people have favourites. But just because you like vendor A’s router does not automatically mean vendor B’s router is rubbish. Is the device capable of providing the solution I require is all that matters ultimately.

To put it another way, think of a game franchise like Super Mario Bros. Does anyone care what PCs those coders used? Does anyone care what language they used? No-one cares. What people care about are the games themselves.

/end rant

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