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BGP Lab 11

Topology used is over here: http://mellowd.co.uk/ccie/?p=243 BGP Lab 11: All routers are peered via BGP Router9 has the network attached via a loopback Router2 has the network attached via a loopback All networks MUST be inserted into the BGP process Now ensure that Router8 and Router1 see the full aggregate of 24.83.176/23 advertised.…

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Mad Dynamips/Dynagen Topology 1.2

This is just a quick update. The topology itself hasn’t changed from 1.1 which can be found here: http://mellowd.co.uk/ccie/?p=243 I have changed a few of the configuration files though. Basically previously the routers would automatically use frame-relay inverse-arp to figure out all the dlci’s by themselves. This is fine in a normal network, but for…

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