Status Update

I’m currently following INE’s recommended training program over here:

Currently I am on week 12: VOL3 Labs 1+2

My week starts on a Sunday as it’s the easiest way for me to work out the labs for the coming week and so. It also gives me a lot of time on my first day of that week as I have to actually work the rest of the week of course.

Vol3 lab3 was super easy. These labs are pretty much core technologies only, and they are designed to speed you up. You have a total of 3 hours per lab. I finished lab1 in 2 hours and 3 minutes and I got 95% of the tasks right. That gives me great pleasure :)

I’m going to start up lab2 now and see how it goes.

Between the actual program itself, I do watch INE’s Advanced Technologies Class on Demand as well as continuing to read through the CCIE reading list and various other blogs.

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