Status Update #5

I really need to try and find some for some content. The problem is I’m so extremely busy all the time at the moment.

This past weekend I did every single RIP lab in Vol.1 – That means I’ve completed ALL Vol1 labs for OSPF, EIGRP and RIP.

IGP’s has always been my strongest point anyway so it’s not that big a deal.

I need to do all BGP/MPLS and Multicast labs now.

Multicast has always been my biggest weakness so it’s something to concentrate on. Frame Relay usd to be a weakness, but I’ve done so much of it recently that’s it’s really not that difficult at all.

I’m very happy with my layer2 knowledge. I’ll go over all the layer2 labs again sometime though.

Finally it’s the services. Things like security and NAT. That stuff I’m not going to spend TOO much study time on. I mainly need to know what I can and cannot do, and where to find that info on the DocCD.

I still need to fit this all around a full time job. Wednesday night I’m taking my wife to a 2 hour comedy show, and then I’m heading straight into work after to do a core Juniper upgrade. Fun and games I tell you!

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