Second mock exam done – INE mock exam 5

This exam is graded higher than the last and I got more points than the last. However I still failed. This time I got 59/96

I need to check my configs again though, as the results say I did very poorly on my IGP section. I spent quite a bit of time on that section and I know I should’ve done better. I don’t know if I was marked wrong or what?

However there are a couple of things I need to take from this. I had to set up some IPv6 tunnelling and run OSPFv3 over it. I had that up and working. A later task then required me to do some filtering on ACLs. I was stupid and forgot to allow ipv6ip traffic through this ACL. I noticed when I had about 5 minutes left on my lab that suddenly I didn’t have OSPFv3 adjacencies. I couldn’t even ping my neighbours. I tried to rush to find out what the problem was, but I ran out of time. I therefore lost points both on the OSPFv3 section AND the ACL section for blocking the tunnel :(

Troubleshooting I got 100% – but I must admit the troubleshooting section for this lab seemed almost TOO easy

This is the report:

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