One Million Views

It’s hard to believe that my blog has just surpassed 1000000 views!

Screenshot from 2015-12-04 15:52:03I started this blog out just on the side to go over things I was learning. I’ve learned a lot in the process, and managed to bag myself two CCIEs, a JNCIE-SP, a job at Google, and the opportunity to write a book for Juniper.

There were times I almost completely lost my blog in the past, but I’ve learned how to make good backups. My site has been reachable over native IPv6 for many years, and I moved it all to HTTPS over a year ago.

Recently there has been a lack of updates. Google keeps me very busy in an enjoyable job, and this is the main reason I struggle to find the time to do updates. I currently have 128 drafts sitting waiting, and I doubt the majority will ever get published :(


  • Views – 1,000,115
  • Most on a single day – 1,592
  • Published posts – 322
  • Drafts – 128

What’s poular

All time top post – Access-lists vs Prefix-lists
Second all time top post – BGP Confederations – How, What and Why.

2015 top posts:
ESXi whitebox server
MPLS L3VPN – Route Distinguisher vs Route Target vs VPN label
Moving routes between a VRF and the global (default) RIB – Part 1 – Cisco IOS

It seems to me that my top posts are usually explaining something simple that a lot of people get wrong. I also tend to get high hits on lab building posts. Oddly, some of my own favourite posts barely get any views at all :(

I want to thank everyone who has ever visited the site. It’s really weird when people meet me for the first time and know me through my blog. Long may it continue!


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