MPLS VPN lab #4

The diagram is the same as my last VPN Lab. Also it uses my MPLs topology found over here:

This is the topology for this lab (click for a bigger image):

MPLS4 - small

  • Customer1 and Customer 2 both have MPLS vpn’s through the ISP core.
  • Customer1 is using OSPF and Customer2 is using EIGRP
  • Customers should have no access to each others networks
  • Customers should be able to reach all their sites from all their sites
  • The ISP wants to monitor the CPE routers via their monitoring server. Create another loopback on each CPE router and give them all a /32 loopback in the range – i.e. for CPE1, for CPE2 and so on
  • Ensure the monitoring router can get to all these /32 routes (and ONLY these /32 routes) – It should not know about any customer routes – CPE routers should only see their OWN loopbacks in the routing table
  • Now enable CPE3 and CPE6 to see each others subnets. All other CPE routers should see no change in their routing tables

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