MPLS VPN lab #2

This VPN lab will test intranet and extranet MPLS VPN’s.

    The diagram is the same as my last VPN Lab. Also it uses my MPLs topology found over here:

    This is the lab topology again:


    • CPE1 and CPE5 belong to Customer1
    • CPE2 and CPE6 belong to Customer2
    • Both customers are running OSPF as their IGP’s
    • The loopbacks as shown in the topology must be advertised into OSPF. Cutomer1 should be able to ping all loopbacks in their networks and Customer2 should be able to ping everything in theirs.
    • Both customers are now running a project together, and need 2 of their offices connected. CPE1 from Customer1 should be able to communicate with CPE6 from Customer2 and vice-versa
    • It’s essential that CPE2 and CPE5 are NOT able to get to all loopbacks. ONLY CPE1 and CPE6 should be able to communicate with each other. This new configuration should not break the previous VPN’s in place
    • Do this without using any ACL’s, Prefix-lists, Route-maps or the like

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