MPLS VPN lab #1

This is my first lab to use my MPLS topology found over here: (Click the link as you’ll need the core ISP set up to run this lab)

This is the lab topology – click for a larger image:

  • Use RIP as the routing protocol on CPE devices
  • CPE1 and CPE5 belong to Company_A
  • CPE2 and CPE6 belong to Company_B
  • Each site has a /24 that is advertised via the loopback
  • CPE1 should be able to ping CPE5’s loopback and vice-versa
  • CPE2 should be able to ping CPE6’s loopback and vice-versa
  • Different companies should NOT be able to ping each other. They must stay completely separate
  • Now remove RIP and configure it so that both¬†companies¬†are using OSPF
  • Once complete, remove the OSPF config and use EIGRP

Solution is now here:

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