More full scale labbing

So I thought I’d take Sunday off but I didn’t. I wasn’t really happy with my first 2 lab results so I did another 2. INE Vol2 labs 8 and 9 are both rated as level 8.

Lab 8 I did yesterday and bagged myself 62/79

Lab 9 I just completed and in total I got 60/79

Both are officially fails, but I’m happy with the progress. Nothing makes you learn the stuff more than just doing the labs. Anything I stumbled on I just used the DocCD. This is good as I’m getting a lot better at navigating that beast finding the things I need quickly.

Tomorrow I do INE’s marked mock exam. Alas I only get the results a day or two later so I’ll have to wait. Apparently Lab5, which is the one I’m doing, is a pretty tought one.

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