Mock lab #3 results

So I got my report back, and I failed :(  – 52/100

I passed the troubleshooting section with a single point to spare, but screwed up on the configuration section. I can easily see where I went wrong. I need to read, and re-read these questions again as most of my points loss was down to silly mistakes! In the IPv6 section I configured an address slightly wrong (CC1E instead of CC:1E) and so lost ALL the marks for the entire IPv6 section because of it :(

Also there were a couple of questions where I could’ve verified something with the proctor, but there is no online proctor in the mock exam.

However, there were a couple of parts where I did not know how to configure it. My weak points (STILL) is multicasting and services. I think it’s time to hit the books again on those subjects and do the entire INE Vol1 chapters for those sections.

I have another exam near the end of January and so hopefully will do much better on that one :)

It’s not the end of the world. The mock has exposed weaknesses. But I’d rather air that dirty laundry now than on lab day :)

Update: This is the score report btw:

5 points gone because of this:

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