INE TS Mock Lab 1 – problems, problems, and more problems

INE have recently released a new TS CCIE rack and gave all previous members 1 free attempt. I had my TS lab booked for 11am sharp and there I was, sat at my desk waiting for the time to go by.

11am finally came and I started the TS lab. I had a quick read through all 10 tickets to see what I was up against. Most tickets look do-able.

I start on ticket 1 and I bleed a good 10 minutes away and not resolved it yet. So I go onto the next ticket. I’m halfway through ticket 2 when I lose connected to INE. Hmm. Let me try and ping – Nothing. Pick up my phone, no dial tone.

Great, right at the start of my limited 2 hour TS lab the damn phone and ADSL break. Now what do I do? Wait? Rush into work and finish it there? It takes 40 minutes to get to work and I’m not even dressed. ARGH. So I jump into some jeans, dodgy shirt, jacket, and I’m off running for the train. Get to my station and hop on. Finally get to work station and then I’m running like a mad man trying to get into my office as quickly as possible. Finally get to my desk weezing like an 80 year old.

Fire up the session again. I’ve got just over an hour left and I’ve solved nothing. Wonderful.

So I get cracking. Time ticks on and I’m nearing the end of my time. I know I’ve managed to solve 4 tickets and I’m so close to fixing a 5th when my time runs out :(

I think the first lab INE released accurately matches the lab difficulty. I think if I had enough time I would’ve been able to pass it. INE say they will be releasing more labs soon so we’ll see how that goes. The plan is to come into the office and do them as not only is it more comfortable, I have a bunch of redundant links here so it’s far less likely I’ll have this issue again.

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