Cisco Live 2016 – Las Vegas

So I’m finally off to Cisco Live! This will be my first time there, and I’m hoping to meet and speak to a lot of people I speak to online.

So far my timetable looks like so:

Monday 11th July

  • Troubleshooting BGP [BRKRST­3320]
  • ASR­9000/IOS­XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations [BRKSPG­2904]
  • Introduction to Segment Routing [BRKRST­2124]
  • A Practical Introduction to DevOps Practices and Tools [BRKCLD­1003]

Tuesday 12th July

  • IP LFA (Loop­Free­Alternate): Architecture and Troubleshooting [BRKRST­3020]
  • How to write an IPv6 Addressing Plan [BRKRST­2667]
  • Addressing Networking challenges with latest Innovations in IPv6 [BRKRST­2616]

Wednesday 13th July

  • Troubleshooting End­to­End MPLS [BRKMPL­3124]
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Troubleshooting IPv6 ­ Advanced [BRKRST­3304]
  • High Availability in the Access [BRKCRS­3438]

Thursday 14th July

  • Building a Software Defined Service Provider [BRKSPG­2001]
  • The Future of SP and Your Role in It [INTGEN­1007]
  • Advanced ­ Scaling BGP [BRKRST­3321]

That’s it so far. I may change things around, but should be a lot of fun!

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