CCIE R&S PPP notes

PPP Multilink:

  • You can configure the router to force at least 2 or more link to be up for the multilink interface to be up by using the ppp multilink links minimum (#) (mandatory)
  • The mandatory keyword will tear the link down if the minimum # of links is less than the active links, while not using mandatory will wait for the required links to bring up the interface at first, but keep the link up if the active number of interfaces goes below
  • Int sx/x
  • ppp multilink
  • ppp multilink group 1
  • int multilink 1
  • ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x


  • show controllers int serialx/x will show you if it’s the DCE or DTE
  • If you are the DCE, and the task states that links are 64k, ensure you set the clock rate to 64000
  • ppp authentication (type) configured on the interface, tells the current router to authenticaticate the OTHER side
  • Can use PAP (clear text), CHAP (secure) or EAP (secure)
  • EAP usually uses radius. Can tell router to use local database though using the interface command ppp eap local

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