BGP Lab 11

Topology used is over here:

BGP Lab 11:

  • All routers are peered via BGP
  • Router9 has the network attached via a loopback
  • Router2 has the network attached via a loopback
  • All networks MUST be inserted into the BGP process
  • Now ensure that Router8 and Router1 see the full aggregate of 24.83.176/23 advertised. More specific routes MUST be supressed. i.e. Router1 and Router8 should have the aggregate ONLY – Do this WITHOUT removing any of the networks from the BGP process
  • Now change the configuration so that Router1 and Router8 get the aggregate as well as the more specific routes, however using a community tag (on Router2), ensure that Router1 does NOT advertise the more specific routes to Router6.
  • Router6 should still get the aggregate route
  • Check to make sure Router1 has all the routes and Router6 ONLY has the aggregate route

Click on the thumbnail for the full topology:

BGP - 11

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