ARGH, 3560 8-PoE

So I’m putting my lab together, and I want to match INE’s topology as I’m HOPING to get those 4 workbooks. So far my home lab consists of my dynamips box and 2 3550 EMI’s. I wanted to borrow 2 3560’s from work, but we only have the 8 port models. Not a problem I first thought, but checking the INE topology, you need at least 11 ports on 1 switch, 12 ports on 2 and 13 ports on the fourth.


The 8 port 3560’s actually have 9 ports, as they have a dual-purpose “gig ethernet/SFP” port, but I’m still 2 ports short for even the less loaded switch. I now wish we used the 12 ports models here at work…

However, all is not lost. My assumption is that you do NOT need all 11 ports loaded at all times. It might require me to rewire things now and then, but it’s my only option right now. The 3550’s have 48 ports each, so I might be able to rework things here and there. It’s not 100% ideal, but it might make me learn more anyway, so what’s the loss?

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