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OSPF Enhancements in recent IOS versions

OSPFv3 Authentication Trailer In 2011 I wrote an article showing that in order to provide authenticated OSPFv3 neighbour sessions, you needed the security license on IOS. Manav Bhatia commented on that post stating they were working on an IETF standard to fix this. That draft became RFC6506 and then RFC7166 Cisco has added support for…

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Demystifying the OSPFv3 database – Part 2

In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention a very interesting behaviour of the way router’s originate Type9 LSAs over a broadcast segment. Let’s remind ourselves of the topology we were up to: I’ve reset this topology and currently R3 is the DR. Let’s first check the non-broadcast link between R1 and R2. Each router oritiginates…

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