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Always check the forwarding table – IOS, Junos, Netiron

Most bigger routers these days use a distributed system. One of the bigger differences is the separation on the control and forwarding plane. When troubleshooting or verifying it’s essential to view both. Too many engineers simply show the control plane output. While these should match, they don’t always. Note that the forwarding table doesn’t have…

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ME3600X Bridge Group into a Brocade VPLS for H-QoS

The Cisco ME3600X and ME3800X series support both VPLS and H-VPLS. MPLS features require an expensive license. If you are currenlty joining a few leased lines together into a VPLS you don’t always need the more expensive MPLS license. Any carrier circuit terminating on the Cisco ME can be placed into a bridge-group based on…

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