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  1. Hi Darren,
    congrats, very nice and interesting blog!
    What’s about adding an RSS feed?
    I was trying to add your blog in my bloglist, but couldn’t find your RSS…

    have fun with your mpls studies
    Marco Rizzi

  2. Dear Darren’s

    I was searching time ago, a MLPS lab,
    Thanks indeed for share your lab. the MLPS is hard to understand using only books.

  3. Hi Roger.

    May 2011, is that for the written or the lab? I’ve been working loads of overtime recently so trying to find any time I can to study.

    I’d like to do my written around March-May next year. Then it’s hardcore studying for the lab

  4. Hi Darren:

    Thank you very much for your posts; they are always worth reading.
    I am preparing the CCNP routing exam, and most labs I have come across with have Frame Relay clouds. As I don’t work for a company which needs such technology, I’m having a hard time figuring out why a company – as in real life – would need that kind of links to remote sites. Aren’t ISPs offering new technologies such as MetroEthernet or MPLS over their IP backbones? Why is FR still so omnipresent nowadays?
    Thank for your time reading this.

  5. Andres. I feel the same way!

    I myself have never even used frame relay, we don’t use it at work (and I work at an ISP)

    We do however use things that aren’t covered, but what can you do :/

    I wish Frame Relay were not on the CCIE, but it is. I’ve actually skipped the Frame Relay and EIGRP chapters in Routing TCP/IP for now as I just don’t use those things. But again, if I want the CCIE, I have to do it :(

  6. Hi Darren,
    Nice blog. Congrats!
    I’m heading on CCIE Security in two months and I found some very useful information on your site though. Nice job, keep it up!
    Well, I know that you’re heading on RS and SP but that’s not the reason not to stay in touch in future :)

    Between, we have FR in Serbia .. nothing special really :) You’ll not have problems with it, i’m sure! :)


  7. hi darren’s i’m a french guy from Gabon(africa) and your blog is one of the best
    truly.I have been certified ccnp now for almost 7months and still i didn’t not got any damn job in africa and my skill and knowledge has been affected so i’m wondering if you can help me out finding a consulting firm which will give me the experience i need for at least one years even if i have to pay for it im realy desperate.

  8. Hi Engongha.

    Thanks for the comment!

    As for a consulting firm, I’m not sure as I’ve never worked for a consulting firm myself. Have you tried with and ISP’s in Gabon? I’m pretty sure there should be positions for NOC engineers in those kinds of places.

  9. hi Darren, nice to see your progress and hope you became next CCIE , wel if you need any book or any stuff related to cisco and juniper visit my site its all free and share for my networking frdz.

  10. Hi Darren,

    I have sent you an invitation to join me in Gtalk. As I am currently prepearing for my CCIP and I would like to have your help around me in building labs and nailing the exam.


  11. How did you format the router output?

    It makes things much easier to read but I haven’t found a code plugin that does just that.

  12. Pete. Naah I just set that text via custom properties in the theme I was using. I could never find anything good, so just did it myself.

    I use the “pre” tags for my code pasting and then set the colours for those tags.

    like this

    Only problem is that it’s not 100% perfect. Text never seems to wrap in my pre tags and I’ve yet to bother to fix it!

  13. Hi,

    Just want to wish you good luck with your studies. I’m in a similiar possition; CCNP and CCIP already passed. My written exam is on Monday.
    I’m using the INE Access All Areas Pass but with a physical home lab.

    Good luck and keep posting.


  14. Hi Darren,

    For anyone who hasn’t come across Krzysztof Zaleski’s excellent CCIE RS Study Kit mind maps, well worth a look. He put in an amazing amount of effort to get this completed and is very good of him to offer it for free.



  15. Hi Darren,

    I need your help in configure multicast lab on Gns3.I have tried many topologies but failed as i m not able to multicast packet and troubleshoot accordingly. Have you done any multicast lab.Please help me.

    Anurudh Dubey

  16. Dear Darren,

    Are you interested in an link exchange ?
    I am mostly going to do some Fortigate posts and i am working towards my CCIE written.

    Please let me know :)


  17. hi mate! just wanna ask if you are using a free hosting site? I’m also planning to start a blog and i’m searching for a free hosting site that offers a “” domain name. hope you can help me on this one mate.

    btw, you have an awesome blog!


  18. Hello Darren,

    Congratulations for your blog, It’s a wonderful job and I wish you the best luck to pass the lab (on your first attempt ???). In following the same way that your are doing about the study methods (INE, books, etc…) but I don’t have any rack. I prefer to be renting rack and save a lot of time (but losing money hahahaha).

    You can reply me back to compare different ways to approach the lab and share information.

    Good luck!!!!

  19. Hi Darren,
    There is an urgent position available for a CCIE at in Midrand, South Africa.It is a permanent position but you could go ahead of the family as a temp arrangemant and see if it would suit you for now? I work for an SA company – Jameka Solutions trying to bring expats in the IT induststry back to SA. I am also an ex SA citizen.
    If you are interested I will send you an email address to send your CV but you can use the above email in the meantime to let me know if you have any interest at all? There are actually 2 positions available so if you know any one else who may be interested, please let me know.
    Kind Regards
    Debbbie Hart

    Kind Regards
    Debbie Hart

  20. Hi Debbie.

    Thanks for contacting me but I’m not currently looking to move for at least the next 5 years.


  21. Hi,

    Just wondering if you had any problems with virtual interfaces and sub interfaces? I cannot seem to ping them and i have the same setup as you.
    Any ideas?

  22. What version of Ubuntu are you using? When you open the network connections in Ubuntu does it say ‘device not ready’?

  23. The only way i can get virtual interfaces to ping from dynamips to real switches or vice versais to add:-

    sudo /sbin/vconfig add ethx

    Is that right? I cannot seem to ping any virtual interfaces that are trunked without the above config…

  24. Darren,

    What the status on your CCIE studies? I know you had to postpone for awhile. I just had enjoyed your ccie journey. I hope that you will continue on your journey soon. My friend and I are looking to sit for our lab in early 2013.

  25. Hi Mat.

    I plan to go to Narbik’s bootcamp at the end of October. I’m just trying to get enough funds together! That will give me a the kick up the arse I need :P

    In the meantime I have been studying both Juniper and Cisco, but most certainly not at the level I was before the exam. Mainly as work has been tough/the weather has been alright/the olympics were on and I just needed a little bit of a break. My wife certainly appreciates the break I had as well :P

    So while it’s been slow-going, things will be picking up within the month :)

  26. Awesome! I am taking CIERS 1 with netmasters in November and CIERS 2 in Jan. Most likely with a first exam take in Feb. of next year. I can appreciate taking a break. I need to get going and light a fire under my butt. Nice talking with you.

  27. Hello,

    Thanks for your website, it’s very interesting for my job and passion.

    I’ve a problem for download this article in pdf. I’ve this error message :

    TCPDF ERROR: Can’t open image file: /var/www/docs/

    Can you fix it if you have the time ?

    Thanks you very much for your work.

  28. Darren: Possible to have some feedback on the following. Recently discovered by doing a tracert that my second hop from my routers gateway is How can a public address be used as a inside address?
    ShawCable is my ISP. Shaw techies see my IP as confirm this. Shaw is looking into this but no satisfying answer from higher tech support.



    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
    2 9 ms 16 ms 9 ms
    3 11 ms 10 ms 9 ms []
    4 29 ms 24 ms 23 ms
    5 25 ms 22 ms 24 ms
    6 20 ms 26 ms 21 ms []
    7 21 ms 22 ms 20 ms
    8 27 ms 20 ms 22 ms
    9 28 ms 26 ms 22 ms
    10 43 ms 34 ms 23 ms
    11 173 ms 138 ms 136 ms
    12 139 ms 141 ms 136 ms
    13 151 ms 136 ms 140 ms
    14 136 ms 138 ms 137 ms []

    Trace complete.

  29. belongs to the USA’s DoD –

    11/8 doesn’t actually show up in the BGP table and they are not advertising it. In theory it means you could use it like RFC1918 space but its really it shouldn’t be. Remember devices will tend to return their loopback address when sourcing an ICMP TTL time exceeded message so it could just be that your ISP has configured 11/8 in their network.

    Tell them it’s really stupid of them to do so

  30. Appreciate your response Darren. Your great, Thank you.
    Telling Shaw in Canada what to do doesn.t happen. They are too big.
    How does the mask my dished out IP of for my router’s MAC address. Shaw techies see the assigned IP as
    but my internet traces generate the confirms Do a trace to first hop is router’s gateway.Hop 2 is resolving to name address combination of router’s spoofed MAC which is correct Verified with an external trace from
    I am not able to see how somewhere a list table is registering me as IP and name address but shows up as in an internet trace unless i am being derouted from my 2 hop??


  31. Dear Darren;

    Thanks for share your web site. I got JNCIA-Junos Certification using Olive that was a excellent lab, now i’m just finished my Dynamips and it’s working great (Again with your help :), to start with CCNP Route, what should i do for studing ?

  32. Hi Darren,

    Really good site, I’m also from Cape Town (Pinelands) to be more specific. I’ve been living in the UK for the past 13 years and have recently moved back home. I wanted your advise, I’m trying to build a CCNP lab here’s what I’ve got so far which I used for my CCNA.
    2x CISCO2610XM 16F/64D 12.4 Adv Security IOS FE + Serial interfaces
    1x CISCO2610XM 16F/64D 12.4 Adv Security IOS FE + Dual Serial interfaces
    2x WS-C2950-12 Switch 12.1(22) IOS
    3x CISCO3350 48 EMI Switch

    Watching Jeremy Cioara MicroNugget he suggests a CISCO 3620 and 2x CISCO 1841. Do you feel these additional routers are necessary? Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  33. Hi Guy.

    Pinelands eh? I actually went to PInelands Blue School for the latter half of Std. 5 – I was then at Oude Molen for 6 and 7 before moving to tableview.

    What’s more important is the IOS versions, not so much the actual kit itself. i.e. If you have three routers that can run 12.4T advanced enterprise you are good to go. You don’t specifically need any 1841s or a 3620.

    As for the switches, the 3X3550s are good. The 2950 is pretty useless once you get to CCNP and beyond.

  34. Wow it’s a small world, I was at the Blue School and the Red School until we moved to Jozi. Thanks for the advise, just a quick question about IOS versions what should I be running on my 3550s?

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