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  1. Ah, I see what I did incorrectly. I don’t usually click on the topic I just look at the blog wall. If I click the title I see the comments. Sorry, and thank you for your awesome site.

  2. Hi Darren;

    I just wanna ask you what should i do first JNCIS-SP or CCNP ?

    Thank you, I’ll appreciate your help.

  3. Hi Omar.

    It really depends. Do you work mainly with Cisco or Juniper? The JCNIS-SP is very foced on Juniper and SP tech, while the CCNP is more broad

  4. Hi Darren;

    Thank you for you suggest, i work for ISP, i can see that JCNIS-SP study guide includes MPLS but CCNP doesn’t, even this CCNP curriculum is more broad like you said. I don’t work directly with Juniper neither Cisco in deep, i just wanna learn something new.

    Thank you;

  5. Hi Darren;
    I would like to ask you something, I’m studying for JNCIS-SP in the MPLS part and right now i’m working with RSVP but when try to install a route in my ingress router with prefix of /30 i have an error that said: that this prefix is too short, when i set the same IP without prefix it’s install without problem, for example:

    [email protected]# Show
    label-switched-path R1_to_R5 {
    install; <——-(Here, with this prefix it doesn't work, without works )
    primary R1_to_R5;
    I'll appreciate your help;

  6. Darren, I need some advice on a decision that I’ve been pondering about for a few days now. I currently have my CCNP R&S and work at a Network Technician testing networks.

    My question is, should I now go and get a 4 year degree in Information Technologies or go for CCIEv5 (R&S)?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  7. I can’t say one or the other. I don’t have a degree and don’t plan to any time soon. It really depends on what you want to do

  8. Hello Mr. Darren, I need your advice about JNCIE-SP. Currently i am only CCNP R&S, I am working for ISP and also have good experience of Juniper M7i and J-6350 routers. Can i attempt JNCIE-SP directly and second i need study guide for JNCIE-SP and i am unable to find.

  9. Thanks Darren.
    One more request can you please explain me these statements,
    set protocols mpls path-mtu rsvp mtu-signaling
    set protocols rsvp load-balance bandwidth
    set forwarding-options load-balance indexed-next-hop
    set forwarding-options hash-key family inet layer-3
    set forwarding-options hash-key family inet layer-4
    set forwarding-options hash-key family mpls label-1
    set forwarding-options hash-key family mpls label-2

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Fahad. I thouraghly reccomend you check out Juniper’s techpubs. They will tell you exactly what all the above commands do

  11. Darren, I think this site is currently one of the best networking blogs out there. Clear explanations, unique style and interesting topics. Please keep up the good work!

  12. Hi Darren

    I really liked your blog, specifically I am very much interested in python scripting to automate tasks. I just want your advise for a project, that is to migrate juniper firewall configuration to palo alto firewall/cisco firewall configuration (specially security policy rules). For that I want to write one python script to do that.

    I am a network engineer not a programmer but I am learning python last 2 month. I would appreciate if you could give me some direction or high level steps/approach to accomplish above.

    Appreciated !

  13. Hi Darren,

    I would really thank for the blog content.One request for all the bgp labs or the inter vpn related topologies .. can we get the complete config.SInce i work on testing i would like to explore the RFC behavior instead of searching for the cli.Please let me know if configs are already present and did i miss them in flow :)

  14. Hiya. Good idea for the future. Unfortunately a lot of the older ones are now gone :( In future I’ll be sure add compress the configs and add them here

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