MPLS passed – CCIP Complete!

I nailed the MPLS exam this morning so that completes my CCIP!

I’d like to finish the MPLS Fundamentals book I’m reading as there is a lot of stuff in there that’s not in the exam.

After that I’d like to do my JNCIA and then start reading LOTS of books so I can eventually do my CCIE written.

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  1. Congrats on the pass!
    Great blog by the way – I hope to catch up with you in the near future :-D

    Good luck on your journey!

  2. A belated congrats on this one, interesting… I’m also doing the ccie R&S via CCIP, about to take Qos.

    I managed to put a full qos lab togegether using a 3 router and Frame Relay toppology , at each end I bridged a Vmware virtual machine to its own vlan in my access switch , funny enough, at 512gb RAM per machine, windows xp is perfect.

    After getting end to end connectivity via the virtual routers in GNS3, I was able to set up a test FTP and web server , and send some files back and forth, Nbar also works great .

  3. I would comment but since I found your websight I havn’t seen anything I understand enouph to comment on :-P

  4. Frank, nice!

    There is more I want to do and expand my own dynamips setup. Mainly I want 2 3560’s but they are expensive. In time they will come…

  5. darren, what u say about the Book MPLS Command IOS 2005 version, i can use that for my studie of MPLS?, my idea is MPLS Fundamentals and for Practice MPLS command IOS and ofcurse your labs :P.


  6. Hi Darren,

    Nice work on the CCIP. I’m thinking about starting the path of CCIE. Might do CCNP next though to help on the way.

    Nice site. Look forward to visiting more.


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