Adaptive Services and Logical Tunnel interfaces don’t work on M10

Okay it’s my own fault for not reading. I went ahead and purchased an Adaptive Services PIC and a Tunnel Services PIC for my lab M10. Turns out the Adaptive Services PIC needs an Enhanced FPC which the M10 doesn’t have, so I can’t use it.

The Tunnel Services PIC is supported, but the feature I specifically needed, logical tunnels, is again only supported on M routers with an Enhanced FPC. Out of interest you can only get an Enhanced FPC on M20s and above.

So, I’ve put them up for sale on ebay. If you know anyone who needs either of these please direct them to this ebay page

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  1. lt- interfaces should work just fine on an M10, they work fine (as does an AS PIC) on my M5, what problem did you actually have using them?

  2. The adaptive services PIC keeps rebooting after every 2 minutes. When I checked the documentation it says it required an Enhanced FPC which I don’t have.

    The Tunnel Services PIC works for the most part, but actually linking 2 logical systems via a logical tunnel also only works with an Enhanced FPC. I configured a logical tunnel between 2 systems and it just didn’t work. I verified my configuration numerous times and I know it was fine :(

  3. The difference is you have a M10. You need one with the i in the name for the small chassis like M10i or M5i. I can confirm that they do work in production on those platforms.

  4. Yup that’s the problem. I have a few M7i routers in production, but of course I can’t test thing on them. Also the M7i has a built in tunnel services PIC anyway

  5. An M7i doesn’t have a built in tunnel pic, it actually has a hidden fifth PIC slot in the back that can contain nothing or (most commonly) a neutered AS PIC that’s limited in speed.

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