ARGH. Problems of not being EU citizen in EU

So I have to delay my next attempt for a while :(

As you may know I’m a South African citizen living in the UK. My wife is from Hungary which gives me full rights to work here. However my current visa is coming to an end and I need to apply for the next. I’ll have no trouble getting it, but the problem is that the current waiting times are up to 6 MONTHS!!!

The issue here is that the lab location is in Belgium. The EU has what’s called a Schengen agreement where any travel between Schengen states can be done without border control. Not all EU countries are in the Schengen area though, including the UK.  This means that I am subject to border control if I go over to Belgium. Border control means passport. No passport means no travel.

So now I’m stuck. I can only hope my application goes quicker than normal, but I doubt it will.

However I will not waste this time. I’ll continue my studies, and may even branch more into SP stuff in the meantime as that is what I actually do day to day. So expect a more Service Provider feel to some upcoming posts and see what I actually do on a day to day basis :)

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  1. I know the pain all too well having spent most of my adult life living as a non-EEA citizen in an EEA country and after that having an EEA passport living in the US… Here’s something to cheer you up: At least you don’t have to leave the country to renew your visa unlike some… :-)

    I’m in the US now on H1B visa. I can stay here until the permit expires, but my re-entry visa STAMP has already expired (they are valid one year, while permits are valid 3 years). The only way to renew it is to leave the US and get a new stamp, based on a permit that has not expired. It cannot be extended within the borders of the US. Fun?

    Immigration rules are such a pain, wherever you are.

  2. Hi Marko.

    Yes indeed! I am a bit lucky that I can do it all here. I was even able to extend my visa through the South African embassy from the UK, while my wife had to go back to Budapest to get hers done. At least Hungary is not so far away :)

    I’ve already checked to see if Cisco has a mobile lab coming into the UK. That way I could do it without going through any border but alas they are not :(

    I’ll get my UK passport eventually, but as you say, I might be living outside that EU soon after. Who knows :P

  3. That sucks, as you say hopefully it will go through a bit quicker.

    I’ve kept my eye on the mobile lab as well however it never seems to go anywhere near another permanent lab location, I guess Uncle John just figures that Belgium is close enough.

  4. That sucks. I hope it gets processed quicker than expected man. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but didn’t know you are a fellow South African.

    All the best on your second attempt

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