IP330’s in the lab

I’ve finally put them all in my office lab. This is what they look like sitting with the M10. The VPN220 was tippexed out when I bought it, so just left it that way.

Click the image for the full size:

This is my new topology. Click for the full size:

2 Replies to “IP330’s in the lab”

  1. You want another pair of IP330s for $50 +SH? I got them off eBay but just don’t have the cycles to get the OS onto them because I don’t have an existing olive to DD the image from.

    Or, if you’re willing to let me prove to you that I can download JUNOS maybe you would help me out with a disk image I could use to get my olive to boot.

  2. Hi Paul.

    I don’t need anymore, and I also got 5 of mine for £26. I can’t help with the JUNOS image, but if you search google you’ll find it pretty quickly.

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