Month: July 2014

Demystifying the OSPFv3 database – Part 2

In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention a very interesting behaviour of the way router’s originate Type9 LSAs over a broadcast segment. Let’s remind ourselves of the topology we were up to: I’ve reset this topology and currently R3 is the DR. Let’s first check the non-broadcast link between R1 and R2. Each router oritiginates…

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SPF Delay – CCDE

SPF timers are usually one of those things that engineers don’t bother with. Hello/Dead timers are often adjusted, but not actual SPF timers themselves. Different vendors, and even different platforms within vendors, can have dramatically different timers. Micro-loops can be even more pronounced when different vendors/platforms are involved. SPF Timers In OSPF, SPF is only…

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