Hi all.

I did note previously that there has been big changes in my life recently. As of a few weeks ago, I have been promoted to the Network Architect position at my work place. There is no higher networking position at the ISP I currently work with, so it’s a big step up.

It’s great experience, but it does affect my spare time a lot. This means I am finding it increasingly difficult to find enough time to study. I also need to do a few Juniper courses very shortly which doesn’t help my Cisco studies either.

However, this does NOT mean I am not going to do it. I WILL still continue to study for my CCIE, I’l only push it a few months back. I’d love to do it around Feb/March 2012.

It does however mean that I have less and less time for this blog. It’s a real shame as I have a ton of unfinished posts about some real good stuff. I’ll keep them in my drafts and any time I get the chance, I’ll finish them up and publish them :)