Holiday time

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put anything in here. My head has been so deep in both studying and work that I’ve had no time to do anything else.

I’m going on holiday to Hungary from Saturday this week. I’ll be gone for a good 2 weeks. Once I get back I do plan on a number of updates. I’ve got a lot of good material from my studies thus far :D

Updates – 2 new books

I recently bought BGP Design and Implementation as well as Routing TCP/IP Vol II.

The BGP D&I book is for my post CCIE lab studies. Seems like a great book that I could certainly use at work. As for the second, I was waiting for Cisco to produce a second version of this book. However for all I know I could be waiting another 2 years for it!

I needed to take a step back. Sometimes I think you tend to try and accumulate too much study material. I need to relook at exactly what I need to know for the exam and stick with that for now. Once the CCIE is complete I can always read more on topics I really like.

I get Vol II within the next few days. I might even take it on holiday with me, but my wife might have something to say to me about that!