300 000 page views – milestone

Earlier today my blog broke through 300 000 page views. Not bad considering I originally started it to blog about a few things here and there.


As always with these sorts if things, let’s have a look at some stats!

My average hits per day:

Average hits per month:


Busiest day:


My top 15 posts of all time:

Top referrers to my blog:

So the main way people still find my blog is through google. What are they searching for exactly? Well we can guess from what my top landing pages are above :)


So I get a ton of hits from people looking for BGP confederation information and to find out the difference between access-lists and prefix-lists. I think I should do a new page for both, as those old ones are a bit dry.



Last but not least, I have 690 comments.



Thanks to all those who have been here once, twice, or more. Please continue to leave your comments as i generally answer most :)

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