Month: February 2014

Full BGP in dynamips

After having trouble with IOS-XRv yesterday, I wondered if an emulated 7200 could take a full table. In particular I’m running: Cisco IOS Software, 7200 Software (C7200-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(33)SRE7 The ram itself isn’t even high: Cisco 7206VXR (NPE400) processor (revision A) with 491520K/32768K bytes of memory. The emulated 7200 has no issue taking the full…

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FULL BGP Table on IOS-XRv – Seems broken

I’ve attempted to put a full table into IOS-XRv, but I’m getting all kinds of nasty messages. First the session came up: RP/0/0/CPU0:XR1#show bgp ipv4 un sum Thu Feb 20 17:27:07.990 UTC BGP router identifier, local AS number 65500 BGP generic scan interval 60 secs BGP table state: Active Table ID: 0xe0000000 RD version:…

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