Month: February 2013

Basic MPLS L3VPN Interop – IOS, Junos, Brocade Netiron – Part 2 of 2

This is an ongoing post. Part 1 is over here: Label values Other than the config I’ve done before, all the other config is left to defaults. Let’s have a look at label allocations. I’ve run wireshark and then captures a ping to each CE. The bottom label is the VPN given by the last…

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Basic MPLS L3VPN Interop – IOS, Junos, Brocade Netiron – Part 1 of 2

My first of a series of posts for MPLS interoperability between Cisco’s IOS, Juniper’s Junos, and Brocade’s Netiron code. This post will use the same core I set up before: L3 VPN is one of the more common applications for MPLS. This post will show a very basic three customer site. I’ll leave off all…

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MPLS RSVP tunnels between Cisco IOS, Junos, & Brocade Netiron – Part 2

While my previous post showed how to create RSVP tunnels between these three providers, I did not mention some of the caveats between these devices. The biggest thing is that even if you hard code paths through the network, the tunnels on IOS will refuse to come up until traffic engineering is actually running on…

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