Month: September 2010

Why are you using public IP’s on your LAN (that don’t belong to you) ?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this when speaking to customers. I ask what their LAN range is and they’ll give me something like Hang on a minute, has your provider assigned for you to use on your network? Of course not! So why exactly are you using it? Typical…

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CCNA Scholarship

Steve over at has created a NF scholarship for 1 lucky person! The person will get FREE Cisco press books and will only be required to complete their CCNA and blog about it. Find more info here:

Using /31’s on point to point links and their effect on routing protocols

The use of 31bit subnet masks on point to point links is documented in RFC 3021: If you know subnetting, you should know that networks always need a subnet address (all zeroes) and a ‘broadcast’ address. This is why when you generally use a /30 for point-to-point links. 2 addresses used for the routers…

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