Leave for Brussels tomorrow morning

Hi all.

I leave early tomorrow morning for Brussels. I arrive in Brussels via Eurostar around midday. I’ll check into my hotel and then take a walk to the Cisco campus and see where I need to be Friday morning.

I’ll then just chill out, or at least try to.

Exam starts 08:15 Brussels time Friday morning.

Then it’s a bit of a wait. This is a problem doing the exam on a Friday :(

Let’s see what happens…

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20 thoughts on “Leave for Brussels tomorrow morning”

  1. Best of luck dude!! Im pulling for yah. make sure to get a good pick of yourself with the cisco campus!

  2. Goood Luck !!!! I will be taking the lab on the same place, let me know what do you think about that place.

  3. As I said on twitter
    “I know he isn’t on twitter but to my friend Darren (mellowd) good luck today! You deserve your #ccie numbers!”

    It’s true. Your hard work will pay off!

    Good luck from the Dingos of Australia!


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