Juniper olive on old Nokia IP330

On December 10, 2010, in Juniper, by Darren

I’ve been wanting to do more Juniper studies. Unfortunately at work we only have 2 Junipers on the BGP edge so we don’t exactly get to play with them.

I’ve known about olives on the PC for a while, but I wanted something better. I could not afford to buy a J2300 so I went he next best route – The 1U Olive

I’ve just got it working too!

root> show version
Model: olive
JUNOS Base OS boot [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M20/M40) [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Online Documentation [7.1R2.2]
JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [7.1R2.2]

root> show interfaces terse
Interface Admin Link Proto Local Remote
dsc up up
fxp0 up down
fxp1 up down
fxp2 up down
gre up up
ipip up up
lo0 up up
lo0.16385 up up inet
inet6 fe80::200:ff:fe00:1
lsi up up
mtun up up
pimd up up
pime up up
tap up up

I’ve got a couple of other IP330′s so I just need to replicate this. I’ll stick this in the lab. This essentially gives 4 me Juniper routers!

The next step is to upgrade the JUNOS version on this one and do a few more. Then put them together and see what happens.

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4 Responses to “Juniper olive on old Nokia IP330”

  1. Shodown says:

    Congrads. I have been seeing a lot of these threads popping up. Good to see people have success with these.

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  3. Shailesh says:

    Hello Darren, do you have a detailed instruction guide on converting the nokia ip 330 to juniper. Specifically, what junos ver, etc.

    I would like to get hold of a ip330 but would an ip360 work???

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

    P.s website is awesome – hope you get ur CCIE number (if not already)

  4. Darren says:

    Hi Shailesh.

    I followed the instructions over here:

    I did note a couple of issues which I stuck over here:

    Good luck!

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